Foundation for the Development of Civil Engineering          


The goal of the Foundation for the Development of Civil Engineering is to develop and promote the scientific discipline "Civil engineering" at home and abroad, including education, promotion and preventive activities in the field of road safety. The Foundation implements the above by: financing research, organizing and co-organizing and financing lectures, seminars, scientific conferences and other educational and scientific meetings, promoting the results of own research and research results of other domestic and foreign scientific and research facilities through publishing, the Internet and other media, organizing and financing stays in Poland for outstanding scientists, in order to conduct lectures and  scientific research, dissemination of knowledge about the Foundation's goals, at home and abroad, through radio, television, book and press publications and the Internet, creating a database about the staff and activities of research centers in the country and abroad, subsidizing scientific institutions in the country and abroad, funding scholarships for individuals for scientific and research works in the country and abroad, organizing public events aimed at promoting the latest scientific achievements, cooperation with state and local government administration authorities, European Union institutions, associations, research centers, cultural and educational institutions, mass media, natural and legal persons in the country and abroad.